How To Donate

Donation scheme for Yayasan Indonesia Bright scholarship program:

1. Donation per kid

Donor gives a financial assistance to a student until at least he/she could finish senior high school.

For example: If you donate Rp 250,000 per month, you will save one junior high school student in his/her third year. Should you agree to allocate Rp 950,000 per month, you will save the future of one student in the first grade of senior high school.

2. Fixed donation

Donor donates a certain amount of money to the scholarship program every year. The donation will be channeled to all beneficiaries.

For example: A company agree to donate Rp 60 million a year. We will distribute the donation to the scholarship beneficiaries based on their needs per month.

3. Annual donation

Donor donates fund voluntarily every year.

4. Donation with special request

Donor donates fund and request Yayasan Indonesia Bright to channel it to students in a specific area as agreed by the donor and Yayasan Indonesia Bright.

Donation could be transferred to Yayasan Indonesia Bright account in Bank Danamon Cabang The Jakarta Post, Palmerah, Jakarta

Account No: 3536107570


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