Cilincing Field Visit Report: Our next scholarship beneficiary


Name: Icha Adelia Yuliana

Years: 2 Elementary School

Have you ever been in Cilincing, one of the poorest areas in Jakarta although a number of big companies set up their offices, plants, warehouses, terminals, etc nearby?

We recommend that you go there and then think of or even better take actions to empower those people get out of poverty.

Small thing, big thing, it doesn’t matter. The matter is act now!

That’s what exactly Indonesia Bright like to do: Act now through helping the children in Cilincing get higher education for their brighter future.

Just today, Saturday, June 22, we conducted our second field survey, together with Koperasi Kasih Indonesia (KKI), a microfinance institution that has the area of operation in Cilincing, to select another bright student from poor family as the beneficiary of our financial assistance for his/her education.

This survey was a follow up after KKI assessment toward various families who become its borrowers/members. KKI then recommended six families whose children need financial assistance for education with Nurhayati’s last children, Icha Adelia Yuliana being the top candidate due to several reasons:

  1. Icha is a bright student – ranked 1st in her class. Rapport will be provided next week.
  2. Icha’s mother is a good borrower in KKI, categorized poor family.
  3. Icha’s father has passed away

So I and one of KKI committees, Lusy, visited Icha’s mother house to re-confirm Icha’s situation. When I arrived, I just scanned her mother’s small size wooden house, which is flooded when it rains. Cockroaches could be found easily everywhere. Not hygienic at all for sure.

She told us her mother is a half day street trader at Pasar Kaget, Plumpang, she was left alone at home, before going to school at 1 p.m. by angkot. However, her uwak/aunty often accompanies her in the morning when her mother went to Pasar/market.

To be a doctor is Icha’s dream, as she knew that her mother is suffering from leg injury, while her father passed away from stroke. By being a doctor, she said it is possible to cure her mother. What a virtue!

Well, we also witnessed that she continued to eat Indomie (noodle), which astonished me as she said she often eat such an unhealthy food. I just told her to reduce eating the food as it may cost her dream because it will weaken her body fitness.

But most important conclusion from this visit is that Nurhayati & her child Icha indeed need our help. As Indonesia Bright is focused on education, Icha will be the right beneficiary for our scholarship program (financial assistance for education). Hopefully until she becomes a doctor.

Way forward will be deciding the amount of monthly scholarship for her, meeting with her brothers to give an understanding that Icha should receive their full support to reach her dream. They must also save money, which will be allocated for Icha emergency situation in her future education. Visiting Icha’s school and meeting with her teachers will also be conducted as follow up actions.


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