SIF Alumni Gathering April 29, at PENANG BISTRO, KEBON SIRIH

From: Davina Lai

Hi Ibrahim, Gusde, Dian and Lily,

SIF will be organising a Singapore showcase event as part of the Best of ASEAN Showcase in Jakarta end-February, and while we’re in town, SIF would very much like to take the opportunity to catch up with the fellows. We would like to check if the EXCO of the Indonesian chapter would be able to rally and help to put together a gathering for the meet up – you guys can plan the format and SIF will be taking care of the cost of the event.

If you’re keen to help coordinate, or at least know who would be, let us know and we can give you more details

Thanks, Davina
SIF 2001 Fellow



From: Davina Lai 

Hi all 

Any luck with the decision the venue and is the menu good? How is the attendance so far as well?

If you can send us the venue, that would be great – we have a few other Indonesian partners who work with our international volunteerism department who we’d like to also invite to the event, so we’d need to send them the details. Would be a good chance for everyone to network.

 From SIF’s side, there will be 4 persons: Serena Wong (Director for International Networking), Ms Wenshan Leong (Manager for Corporate Communications), Juliet and myself.

 I’ve not included the in my reply, as I’m not on the listing and cant send emails to it. Maybe you can forward my reply to rest.

 Counting down … 6 more days before we arrive in Jakarta.



 From: Arlina Veralda

Dear all  

Please join the SIF Alumni Gathering all batch 1993 – 2005  

Wed Apr 29 at 19.00  

Penang Bistro

Kebon Sirih Raya No.59

Jakarta Pusat

DKI Jakarta – Indonesia

PH 1: (021) 3190-6000  

Spouses and kids are invited    

We will book private room there, so hopefully the gathering will be convinient  



penang bistro1penang bistro2

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