Breaking fast gathering at Baim’s house

Hi all,

Last Friday night’s buka puasa @ Baim’s place was being attended by mas Baim himself (of course!), his beautiful wife and his two angels , Riza-Nanang- Joy (the three UL-mustketeer), Happy, newly wed couple Lily-Elpi, Iwan, Shiza, Nina, me, and Aditya Oli -a supervisor from PG Singapore . And also being attended by fruit punch, kolak, beehoon goreng, balado egg, tumis beans, shrimp & fish crackers from Palembang, and great black coffee..  (I am fasting when I write this…)

As we know, we’ve started the SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM last year, giving 15 scholarship to 15 kids in Pati, Central Java (5 from 4th grade, 5 from 4th grade, and 5 from 6th grade; and of course they’ve now grown up..  oh kids..)

As a next step, we’ve agreed to expand the scholarship to 10 MORE KIDS!! �

And, to give more scholarship to more kids we need more of your help, friends….

Simple calculation, simple way to help, simply works:

100,000 rupiah / month for 1 year can support 1 kid’s schooling

Anyone else?

We can transfer the money to our account & pls inform Lily/Fenny that you have transfered this amount of money

Bank Mandiri Cab Wisma Metropolitan

No Rek 122-00-0450096- 6

A.n. Arlina Veralda / Ayu Kartika Dewi

PS: also need inputs on what school can be the potential next destination for us to give the scholarship to the students. preferably somewhere in greater jakarta so we can visit them easily.

PPS: lets start to think of what name we should give to this scholarship  its been a year and we dont have a name for this


Ayu Kartika Dewi


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